Our last meeting before the summer break ...

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

University & Whist Club 

Networking 11:45-12:15pm

Lunch & Presentation 12:15PM

"The Tax Overhaul for Tax Exempts: What You Need to Know Now"

Whether you work with tax-exempt organizations or their donors, you likely are receiving questions about the new tax law. Donors want to maximize the tax benefits of giving. Nonprofits want to minimize unrelated business taxable income or "UBTI." And colleges are concerned about the new endowment tax. Come discover the story behind the story and hear the latest on how the nonprofit sector is navigating the tax overhaul. 

Presented by 

Associate Tax Counsel and Wealth Planner

Northern Trust

Chicago, IL


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President's Statement

Welcome to the Wilmington Tax Group, a multi-disciplinary society of professionals who gather monthly to hear prominent speakers on topics of tax law, policy and administration, and to develop, share and deepen friendships. This society is a reflection of our community; high standards, ethical conduct and collegiality. We join because we want to learn more – about our profession and our fellow professionals. Each year sees eight luncheon speakers and two early-evening social events. Each event benefits from our mix of personalities and backgrounds – lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, trust officers and bankers. Our tradition spans decades and our membership is strong, but we warmly welcome new members.

                               - William Dugdale, President , Wilmington Tax Group